Windows 11 Release Date Expectations and speculations

Windows 11 Release Date, another update on the long-anticipated Windows Operating System is finally here. Microsoft previewed Windows 11 at the Windows Experience last month, and now it’s finally here. Windows Server 2021 R2, which is a follow-up to Windows Server 2021, will be replaced with Windows 11. The new operating system will boast all the latest technology, including Internet Explorer improvements, faster start-ups, improved privacy protection, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about Windows 11 and the Windows Anniversary Update.

Microsoft announced the Windows 11 release date just days ahead of its official launch. Announcing the Windows 11 release date just days before the official launch is not a big deal – companies like Apple and Sony have done this before with their newest operating software. It’s what they do. But it can be a little confusing for some people when you’re trying to figure out what Microsoft has up their sleeve, and how they plan to change things in Windows 11. If you want to get a grasp on all the changes that are coming, then keep reading.

Microsoft has two operating systems currently – Windows XP and Windows Vista. Microsoft has confirmed that they will no longer be developing Windows Vista, and will start developing Windows 11 Pcs immediately after Windows Vista goes on sale. This means that Microsoft will only be developing one system, which will replace the current operating system on your PC. The Windows 11 release date, therefore, is linked to the availability of Windows XP.

Windows XP was released in October of 2021, while Windows Vista was released in October of 2021. Microsoft has not yet explained why Windows Vista will no longer be developed or added to their existing operating systems. There are many theories as to why Microsoft would make such a huge switch, but one thing is for sure – consumers do not want to use Windows Vista any longer. The new operating systems are designed to run more smoothly, are packed with new features, and boast advanced security features. Consumers are demanding that Microsoft take this into consideration.

One thing that Microsoft has been consistent with is the Windows 11 release date. They have made it clear that they plan to have a new operating system ready by July of 2021. This gives Windows XP users plenty of time to make the transition to the newer more polished version of Windows. Many speculate that Microsoft may be introducing the new Snap Layouts feature as part of Windows 11, in an effort to kill off the old-style graphical user interface. The new snap layouts seem to have a lot of fanfare behind them, and could potentially be one of the most talked-about features of Windows 11.

One key feature of Windows 10 that was taken away in the Windows Vista operating systems was the Start Menu. Microsoft hopes to regain this control with Windows 11. Microsoft is planning on removing the Start Menu which will leave most PC owners with very little room to manoeuvre. They are hoping to make the Start Menu accessible by pressing a few keys on the keyboard. It is possible that this feature will be announced along with Windows 11 so that all current Windows 10 users will receive the free upgrade to Windows 11.

Microsoft is also rumoured to be introducing a new password system for Windows 11 which will require the user to enter a password every time they log in to their computer. Another interesting feature that has been speculated is Microsoft’s Bing search feature. With Windows 10 users having to enter their login information every time they access the internet, Microsoft is looking to give them an easier alternative. Whether or not these new features will be included in Windows 11 or not remains to be seen.

Windows Store and Windows Taskbar: Microsoft has not finalized what they intend to do with the Windows Taskbar and the Windows Store. Reports have indicated that with Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Taskbar will become more prominent and you can tell when you’re in a favourite app by seeing the bar at the top of your screen. However, the Windows Store is still being developed and Microsoft is considering making the store more similar to the Safari Store, where you can browse through thousands of different apps. Either way, don’t expect the Taskbar to be removed from Windows 11 or the Windows Store updated anytime soon.

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