What is Microsoft 365?

What is Microsoft 365? Many people are confused by the difference between this new model of Microsoft office software and Office 2021. In reality, there is only a small number of differences between these two products. Both products are designed to provide end users with the tools they need to create, store, retrieve, share, and manage their files and documents.

What is Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers end users with the common productivity tools needed for everyday work. It comes with software such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and OneNote, just to name a few, that are designed to simplify work and increase efficiency. These software are also found in the majority of other Microsoft office applications. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a tool within any Microsoft suite that does not have a version of one of the above-mentioned office applications. This is the beauty of Microsoft 365 and what makes it so appealing to the masses.

The biggest difference between Office 365 and Office 2021 is the fact that it does not come with a cloud. Microsoft 365 subscriptions have a monthly fee and allow users to store business content on the Microsoft servers. This content is not directly viewable by other users or the Office program itself. The power behind cloud computing is the ability for multiple computers to access the data at the same time. By using the power of the cloud, users are able to create a “virtual desktop” where they can access stored documents from any PC that has an Internet connection. Therefore, if you were to need access to important documentation from your laptop, but you are on the go, you could still quickly find and view the information without being at your desk.

Microsoft 365 subscriptions come in a variety of price ranges. The basic package, which allows you to store personal, work, and school documents is priced at $5 per month. The Silver or Gold packages, which offer more features and better value are priced at a little more than the basic package. The largest price point however belongs to the Enterprise or Business package, which is the most comprehensive offering of all the different Microsoft 365 packages. The price of an individual subscription is around twenty dollars per month.

Microsoft 365 was first released for the public in April of 2021 and is aimed at home based business professionals. Although it is a subscription-based service, it also includes a wide variety of add-ons and productivity tools. The basic package comes with access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and OneNote. You can also purchase other tools that will be included as add-ons or you can use Microsoft 365 on its own.

Microsoft 365 apps are designed to help you get more done through a computer. These apps will enable you to: create, share and edit slideshows, emails, documents and more with your coworkers. You can also use your laptop, tablet or smartphone as an onenote. An onenote is simply a virtual stand-up desk where you can post items you need to discuss or show someone an important piece of information.

The biggest feature of Microsoft 365 is the OneDrive. This is a local storage area within the software that will allow you to store all of your important files including PowerPoint presentations. With OneDrive you will be able to access all of your files and collaborate with your colleagues in real time. Additionally, you will enjoy round the clock customer support and online access to the Microsoft Office Online whenever you have questions or problems. Since everything is stored online and local, you will never be without communication information.

Overall, it is safe to say that what is Microsoft 365? It is a cloud-based productivity tool that provides access to various mobile, desktop apps, cloud storage and even onenotes. While the subscription costs are a little high, it is worth every penny because you will enjoy all of the benefits of Microsoft 365.

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