Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series, Praha Prague Czech Republic

Microsoft 365 Security is a service that is offered by the Microsoft Certified Systems Experts (MCSID) to ensure the security of people, information, and corporate assets. This is a unique offering from Microsoft, which aims to help people manage their data online while at the same time ensuring that this data is protected. This is achieved by applying Microsoft’s world-class infrastructure and highly trained technical professionals who are committed to protecting the confidentiality and availability of data. One of these experts is assigned to each organization or department. The first official Security Tech Series was released in October 2021 and consists of twelve articles that pertain to Microsoft 365 Security.

Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series Praha

These articles include an overview of the MCSID roles, responsibilities, and duties as well as the procedures that are involved in utilizing the service. Each of the articles has a topic listed under it, which explains what the article is all about. Additionally, there are some short biographies of the experts included along with links to their websites where they can be reached.

The next in the series is Microsoft 365 Security Guide: Install, Configure, Manage. This is a four-part series that covers the basics of using the Microsoft 365 Security system. It starts by teaching the users how to install the Microsoft 365 Security system and how to configure it. It then goes on to cover the different types of controls that are available for controlling access to various applications and data and how to create user permissions. These are followed by the installation of the necessary software and creating the first group of servers.

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