Microsoft 365 Enterprise Tech Series Zilina, Slovakia November

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Microsoft 365 Enterprise offers a variety of subscription models to meet the diverse needs of companies of all sizes. Each subscription model varies in the degree of customization they provide. Here are the six most common subscription models:

Microsoft 365 Enterprise for small and mid-size organizations: This subscription includes all of Microsoft Office applications, plus specific functionality for data integration and workflow automation in Microsoft 365 Enterprise eLearning. Microsoft 365 Enterprise F1 is a mid-size version of Microsoft 365 Enterprise with additional functionality specific to firstline employees. Microsoft defines a firstline employee as the primary point of contact with the external world. For companies with fewer than 20 employees, Microsoft 365 Enterprise ELearning provides the necessary training to perform tasks related to company processes without the expense of additional personnel, software licensing fees, or excessive IT costs.

Microsoft 365 Business vs Enterprise: Microsoft 365 Business vs Enterprise offer greater flexibility than Microsoft 365 Enterprise for larger organizations. With greater customization options available through both versions, Microsoft 365 Business vs Enterprise can be tailored to the exact needs of your organization. You can choose from versions that include everything (Docs, Power Point presentations, email, data integration) or pick and choose the functionality that is more appropriate for your staff. Microsoft 365 Business vs Enterprise have an optional Business Portal application that serves as a central location for reporting and data tracking. The Business Portal app also allows users to connect directly with external services through the phone, web, and mobile technologies.

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