Microsoft 365 Business Tech Series December 12-13, 2017 Riga, Latvia

Microsoft 365 Business Tech Series December is the second part of the Microsoft 365 Business Review series. This time it is looking at the business solutions of the software and how it differs from Office Mobile. The first part looked at Office Mobile, who has been successful for the iPhone, but what about other Windows based devices? This second article looks at some of the features that are unique to the Business Tech Series. It covers what sets it apart from the competition.

Microsoft 365 Business Tech Series December

In this series, we have looked at five different features in depth. I am going to touch on three more that are important to consider if you are thinking about purchasing the software or a new device. If you have never used Microsoft Office before, you will want to start with this series at the very beginning, then move to the new series later on. There are some great apps available on the market right now and a lot of these apps can take you by surprise and make things seem confusing to you, especially if you are not familiar with software like Office Mobile.

You can get started with the Office Mobile for free, as long as you register for the service, which requires activation. From there, you can download the software, create a new user account, and begin enjoying all the benefits of the software, which includes scheduling, document organization, and even document sharing. If you are ready to create a whole new business that will go beyond the office or simply continue to use your current business to enhance your productivity, then you should try out the new software.

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