Windows 11 Release Date Expectations and speculations

Windows 11

Windows 11 Release Date, another update on the long-anticipated Windows Operating System is finally here. Microsoft previewed Windows 11 at the Windows Experience last month, and now it’s finally here. Windows Server 2021 R2, which is a follow-up to Windows Server 2021, will be replaced with Windows 11. The new operating system will boast all … Read more

What is Microsoft 365?

What is Microsoft 365? Many people are confused by the difference between this new model of Microsoft office software and Office 2021. In reality, there is only a small number of differences between these two products. Both products are designed to provide end users with the tools they need to create, store, retrieve, share, and … Read more

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Tech Series Zilina, Slovakia November

Microsoft 365 Enterprise offers a variety of subscription models to meet the diverse needs of companies of all sizes. Each subscription model varies in the degree of customization they provide. Here are the six most common subscription models: Microsoft 365 Enterprise for small and mid-size organizations: This subscription includes all of Microsoft Office applications, plus … Read more

Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series Event April 18-19-2018 Charlotte North Carolina

The Microsoft 365 Security Team is a globally recognized effort to provide specialized knowledge to Microsoft partner organizations on how to effectively deploy and manage a robust, safe workplace using Microsoft 365. Each year, an international group of more than 30 experts gather to share their experiences in helping business owners improve their security infrastructure. … Read more