How to Repair Windows 11 Using 6 Methods [2021]

How to Repair Windows 11 Using 6 Methods

Are you experiencing any issues after upgrading to Windows 11? Looking for ways on how to repair Windows 11? You’ve come to the right place! If you’re encountering any issues like system crashes, unresponsive apps, or if your device is performing slower than usual, you can use a few troubleshooting hacks to repair your PC … Read more

How to Fix Windows 11 High Disk Usage [Solved]

How to Fix Windows 11 High Disk Usage

Troubled with high disk usage on Windows 11? When the CPU or OS is consuming 100% of disk space, it surely creates panic. Isn’t it? Windows Task Manager lists down the CPU usage capacity for each app and service. If the disk usage capacity remains high for a longer duration, your device might stop responding … Read more

How to Vaccinate Your PC for Online Classes [2021]

How to Vaccinate Your PC for Online Schooling?

Covid 19 Pandemic is caused by SARS CoV-2 commonly known as CoronaVirus. Likewise, some malicious programs or codes are called computer viruses. However, to combat these computer viruses and keep your computer safe and secure, you need a major vaccination dose that is capable of fighting almost all malware, known as Antivirus. During the ongoing … Read more

How to Erase Your Online Tracks on Windows 10? [Latest]

How to Erase Your Online Tracks on Windows 10?

If you are online surfing the internet, streaming movies, or playing games online, some part of your information is available on the vulnerable internet. This is because our browsers collect our identity traces to personalize search results. This collected information can be obtained by threat actors and used for malicious purposes. This guide will help … Read more

Windows 11 Release Date Expectations and speculations

Windows 11

Windows 11 Release Date, another update on the long-anticipated Windows Operating System is finally here. Microsoft previewed Windows 11 at the Windows Experience last month, and now it’s finally here. Windows Server 2021 R2, which is a follow-up to Windows Server 2021, will be replaced with Windows 11. The new operating system will boast all … Read more

What is Microsoft 365?

What is Microsoft 365? Many people are confused by the difference between this new model of Microsoft office software and Office 2021. In reality, there is only a small number of differences between these two products. Both products are designed to provide end users with the tools they need to create, store, retrieve, share, and … Read more