Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series

Understand how to protect identity, apps, data & devices. Thwart advanced threats. Manage data archiving, governance & discovery.

Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series is a comprehensive vulnerability response team that provides end-to-end cloud security. Microsoft 365 Security is a comprehensive all-in-one technology offering that delivers threat prevention, end-point protection, network security, mobility, compliance management, and information collection at a single integrated platform. Security and compliance management are key components of this comprehensive technology offering. The mission-critical information that is vital to the successful execution of global corporate objectives is safeguarded in a highly secured environment.

Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series

This is the first public preview of the Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series – a four-part blog that covers each of the four technical roles in greater detail. Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series continues the journey with an exploration of how to build trusted connections. In this part, we will look at how to gain new customers and how to keep existing customers happy. We will also look at how to increase your security measures.

Microsoft 365 Security tech series continues with a detailed look at how to develop trusted connections, or positive relationships, with your technical peers. Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series continues with an exploration of app builder protection. With app builders, people can build and deploy apps from anywhere with minimal training and the ability to manage the app’s visibility across the public cloud and internal network. In part two of this four part series, we will look at how to use this technology to prevent hacking and other attacks.

Security is an important factor for every business; in particular for businesses that have employees located abroad, in places where threats may be prevalent. A portion of this series of videos will explore ways to make security a top priority in your company. An in depth look at Microsoft Security Essentials or MSE is also included, which will demonstrate some of the features that are available. You can view webcasts of these webcasts on the Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series website. Webcasts are archived as soon as they are published.

In this webcast, we will look at the application of application security features to the external environment. App containers, secure pages, and application context options are among the topics that are covered in this webinar. The application sandboxing method is highlighted. This is a feature that helps you create a separate container for each web page in your application and prevents the malicious code from being run simultaneously by the various software running on your system. Application containers, or virtual environments, allow you to create separate environments in which your code is executed, isolated from each other. The webcast concludes with information on how to set up your application containers in your environment.

App building security is another topic that is discussed in this webinar. App containers, where different parts of an application exist side-by-side and are sandboxed, are among the topics that are covered in the webcast. A very brief overview of MpnR describes the process of creating a security profile. You must then register, complete the registration process, and select a unique MpnR key. Once the MpnR key is created, your application will be granted access to the key rather than its current users. This prevents the app from performing illegal activities or accessing systems that it shouldn’t.

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