Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series Event March 28-29-2018 San Francisco California

Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series Event

Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series Event is a series of webinars that aim to educate people about the newest innovations coming from Microsoft. It is not only aimed at educating people but also giving them a chance to earn some money from the webinar. A lot of webmasters are trying to earn extra income through the webinar services of Microsoft 365 and the company is also striving to give quality events for its members so that they can grow and earn more from the experience. With the new technologies coming out from Microsoft 365 Security Event, a lot of webmasters have found new methods on how they can host their own events.

The first event in the series was released earlier this month and it was a success because many people had attended the event without any problems. They were able to learn a lot of things in just one webinar and earning money through the webinar services is going to be easy since there are several tools included in the event that any webmaster can use. If you have been looking for ways on how you can generate income online from your websites and your blogs, the series event can help you learn more about how you can do the same thing.

Aside from generating income, a lot of people had received some great information from Microsoft Security Tech series events. In the first webinar, they discussed about the Remote Desktop Protocol and the way it can help companies manage their workforce more efficiently. Another interesting topic that was discussed in the webinar is identity protection which is a very important topic nowadays since identity theft has affected the lives of a lot of people. By using VDI, remote employees can be assigned with a physical presence in the office and everything that’s happening in the office can be monitored. Since this service comes in the Windows Server 2021 version, it will be able to run on any Windows based Operating System.

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