Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series Event April 18-19-2018 Charlotte North Carolina

Microsoft 365 Security Tech Series

The Microsoft 365 Security Team is a globally recognized effort to provide specialized knowledge to Microsoft partner organizations on how to effectively deploy and manage a robust, safe workplace using Microsoft 365. Each year, an international group of more than 30 experts gather to share their experiences in helping business owners improve their security infrastructure. The Microsoft 365 Security Team conducts training workshops and special events to bring even the most junior staff members up to speed with the latest technology and to ensure that the security information is always up-to-date. This engaging program gives IT professionals an opportunity to network with one another and learn from the experiences of others in a safe environment.

In the Microsoft 365 Security Team conferences and events, the goal is to bring together IT professionals from around the world who share ideas, practice new technologies, and get advice on best practice security measures for the workplace. These training events are designed to foster cross-departmental communication, share new technologies, and help employees understand their responsibilities toward an updated security infrastructure. The program also provides a venue through which IT professionals can network to each other to share information about current industry trends and best practices. In addition to hands-on lab experiences, the programs also feature informative podcasts, webinars, and social media events to engage your staff in an informal environment.

Microsoft 365 Security tech trainings are designed to train and enable your employees to use the Microsoft 365 security platform effectively in the course of their daily responsibilities. The training is conducted by experienced and specialized security consultants and application security specialists with expertise in implementing enterprise security solutions and Microsoft Office applications. By immersing your workforce in hands-on lab classes, training workshops, and forums, you can develop tighter security policies and improve communication between your organization and its customers.

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