Microsoft 365 Enterprise Tech Series Event April-16-17-2018 Charlotte North Carolina

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Tech Series

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Technology is a series of products aimed at helping small and mid-size companies achieve agility in their business operations. The aim is to help them gain a competitive advantage by streamlining operations, improving productivity, cutting costs, and staying ahead of the competition. The core technology within this series is Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS), which provides complete integration of marketing, data processing, supply chain management, and accounting applications to deliver real-time business intelligence. This enables businesses to rapidly implement operational changes and make informed decisions, irrespective of the size of the business. Microsoft 365 offers complete solutions for finance, supply chain management, human resources, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.

Microsoft 365 Business Solutions is ideal for midsize companies that do not require sophisticated and expensive software systems but still need to manage daily operations more efficiently. Small and midsize companies can leverage on the power of enterprise software solutions to increase sales and improve customer service. With these solutions, companies are able to achieve synergies between their different functions and improve the company’s overall results. This leads to higher profits and a healthier, more profitable business. Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive list of features – from marketing, supply chain and inventory management, to customer service and finance, that it delivers in a complete and integrated package.

The Microsoft 365 Business Solutions includes software development solutions, training and virtual support services, as well as inclusive full software and hardware warranties. It is designed to help you become more cost-effective by streamlining your business processes and helping you reduce the cost of implementing software and other applications. Solutions integrate with existing software, which eliminates the need to buy additional hardware, and provide complete integration with your existing information technology (IT) infrastructure. Software applications are user-friendly and are designed to make your tasks simple and straightforward. They are developed to suit your specific business requirements.

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