Microsoft 365 Enterprise Tech Series Event March 26-27-2018 San Francisco California

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Tech Series

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Technology is a series of software solutions designed to provide companies with a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of any organization. The company’s mission is to “inspire the future” of its customers by developing products that are designed to help them “do what they do best”, while empowering them to manage the business that they have. The first product in the series, Microsoft 365 Workplace Solution, is an enterprise application that offers complete integration with the company’s ERP system.

This solution enables users to gain access to their company’s ERP system, as well as to access vital business applications like MS Office. Other solutions from Microsoft 365 Enterprise Technology include Microsoft 365 Manger, Microsoft 365 Calendar, Microsoft 365 Server, Microsoft 365 Search, Microsoft 365 Store, and Microsoft 365 Video. The company recently announced the acquisition of Calista Technologies, a leader in cloud-based client management systems. This acquisition will allow Microsoft 365 to better compete in the global market. The acquisition is estimated to be tens of millions of dollar deal and is expected to be completed during the second half of 2021.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Tech series is designed to help organizations automate the business processes that currently manage the lives of their customers. By unifying these processes, such as procurement, customer service, accounting, HR, and manufacturing, into one comprehensive suite, businesses can eliminate duplicate efforts and maximize efficiency. The suite of products also helps eliminate costly, time-consuming changes that typically occur as companies implement new business processes. With Microsoft 365, a business does not need to purchase each separate application. Rather, each application can be run simultaneously on the company’s cloud server network.

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