How to Install the Windows 11 Update

Whether you’ve been unable to use the Windows 10 update to your benefit, or are unsure how to install it, there are some steps you can take to make it easier. For example, you can download a software package called “windows upgrade” and install it on a PC that doesn’t have Windows. It’s a simple … Read more

New Version of Windows Server 2022

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 is now available in the Microsoft Evaluation Center. Compared to its predecessors, this new edition supports the latest version of SMB protocol and supports faster HTTPS. It also adds industry-standard AES-256 encryption. The main difference between the two editions is the cost. Both are $501 for small businesses and $6,155 for … Read more

Business Benefits Of Using Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines


Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based computing service developed by Microsoft for managing, testing, and deploying applications and web services across Microsoft-managed virtual data centres. The service runs on the Windows Server platform and supports different operating systems. This Microsoft-designed solution was initially offered as a preview during Microsoft’s launch of Windows Vista. With the increasing … Read more

What is Remote Desktop Protocol?

What is Remote Desktop Protocol? RDP is short for Remote Desktop Protocol. Remote Desktop Protocol is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft that gives a user a graphical user interface to access another computer across a network using a desktop computer. The user uses RDP client applications for this purpose, and the computer required to … Read more